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Harmless smoke that reduces vision

Security fog generators protect your property, personal belongings and to ensure the welfare of your personnel.
In the event of an attack, the machines will fill the room with a dense white harmless fog that protects you and your business by reducing the attacker’s vision. If you can’t see it, you can’t steal it.
Our smoke is completely safe and won’t cause any damage to your electronic equipment or furnishings. It comes with a no residue guarantee so you know that you can go straight back to business.

A security smoke system can be connected to your existing alarm system or used as a stand-alone defence.



Warehouses are often protected by intruder alarms which do not prevent losses. You can use a series of security fog generators to protect your business. Our machines hide your stock in a dense, white, harmless fog which reduces the criminal’s ability to see your stock and forces them to leave empty-handed.

Thieves often target high street stores, small outlets, and supermarkets. These break-ins rarely last more than a couple of minutes so by the time the police arrive the criminals have left the scene. Smoke screens confront the criminal as soon as they break in disorienting them and hiding your stock forcing them to run away empty handed.

Security fog prevents expensive office equipment being taken allowing you to get on with business as usual. Our fog is dry so it won’t leave any residue making it perfect to protect server rooms, computers, and office supplies.

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