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Have your intruder alarm monitored 24/7 by an Alarm Receiving Centre

It is possible to have your Intruder Alarm System Monitored 24/7 by an A.R.C. (Alarm Receiving Centre) which means that when your alarm system activates, the A.R.C. operator will notify the emergency services and request there attendants at your premises, key holders to the premises will also be informed. We install a wide range of different signalling equipment including the most popular Redcare and Dual-com systems.

We can also install a speech dialler to your Intruder Alarm System. The Dialler will call up to 4 telephone numbers of your choice including mobile phone numbers and play a pre-recorded message of your choice. This is the most cost effective way of notifying key holders of your Intruder Alarm Systems activation without involving the emergency services.

Our representatives will be happy to discuss and advise you on the most cost effective and suited form of monitoring for your needs.

Here is some information on some of the most popular monitored systems we offer

  • Digital Communicator
  • BT Redcare Classic
  • BT Redcare GSM
  • CSL Dual-com
  • SD1+ Speech Dialler
  • BT Redcare Secure
  • GSM Speech Dialler

A.S.A.P.ltd work closely with East Midlands Central Station to ensure you receive a professional and convenient monitoring service.

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