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Do I Need An Intruder Alarm System?

The financial loss, disruption and emotional impact that burglaries can have on lives and businesses is outstanding. For a business, not only does the financial burden lie with what has been stolen, but also the loss of working hours and time to get your business up and running again. In the home, burglary can cause a huge amount of stress with irreplaceable family heirlooms vanishing forever.

Typically conducted by opportunists, the first thing that Burglars look for on a premises is easy access to the building and no visible alarm system. These very simple security measures are often not thought of as a necessity by property owners, with some believing that installing a simple system costs too much or is too much hassle. However, as we often ask our customers, how much hassle and money does a burglary cost in comparison?

Why Should I Choose ASAP Ltd?

Here at ASAP Ltd, we are dedicated to ensuring that your property, family and assets are protected with our state of the art Intruder Alarm Systems. Including Wireless, Audible Only and Monitored systems, you can be assured that we have an Intruder Alarm System that will work for you. Our dedicated team of Surveyors are here to help advise you on the best type of system to meet your needs and we offer individually designed systems to create a custom service that is unique to your premises.

Along with designing and installing your perfect Alarm System, we also offer a maintenance service so you can rest assure that your system is running smoothly. Our friendly team of engineers have many years of experience in the security industry and can offer a rapid response service, so your property continues to be protected and secure.

How Much Does An Intruder Alarm Cost?

As each property and service is completely unique, we can’t offer a fixed price on our alarm systems. Our Surveyors will however offer you a no obligation quote after your phone call with us.

How Do I Know Which Alarm Is Best For Me?

Deciding on the type of alarm system you may need can be a tricky one. That is why along with our expert Surveyors, we often ask our customers these 4 simple questions to get you thinking about what you need in your domestic or commercial Intruder Alarm System. If you have any further questions relating to any of the below, we will of course discuss these with you during your phone call with us.

Intruder Alarm System Top 4 Questions

  • Would you prefer to enter a code on a keypad, wave a key fob in front of the unit or set/unset the alarm from a distance using a remote control device?
  • Would you like the ability to call someone if you need help? Options include wall mounted panic buttons, key fobs, wristbands or pendants. When pushed the system automatically notifies your preferred contact number.
  • If your alarm activates, how do you want to be alerted? Do you want it to call you, a family member or a neighbour? Alternatively, would you prefer to subscribe to a key holding or police response service?
  • If you have a dog or a cat you need to think about pet tolerant detectors which can be configured to ignore animals under a certain weight.

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