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Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Installation, Fire Extinguisher Servicing

ASAP LTD can provide installation and servicing of all types of Fire Extinguishers in accordance to BS5306.
Our firm commitment to quality means we give all or fire extinguishers a 5 year guarantee.

Fire Extinguisher Annual Maintenance

Fire extinguishers do not have an indefinite life, even if they are never actually used. Their contents can lose pressure, the inside of the canisters are prone to rust and corrosion if liquid contents, and the canister seams can be weakened by continual high pressurization.

Seals can deteriorate, valves can stick, and fire extinguisher can become knocked and dented simply by being part of a building’s fixtures and fittings.

Fire extinguisher maintenance and care in accordance with the Code of Practice stipulated in British Standard 5306 part 3 should be integrated into your premises Fire Risk Assessment and is, in effect, a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Annual inspections (or more frequent for high risk locations or corrosive environments) by a competent person will involve inspecting every fire extinguisher, and identifying those extinguishers which need re-pressurising, require replacement parts, or which have reached the end of their useful lives.

The manufacturers instructions will tell you what you need to do to keep your extinguisher in good working order. After an extinguisher has been used, even if only partially, it must be recharged according to the manufacturers instructions.
The extinguisher should be serviced annually.

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