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Do I need a CCTV system?

Damage to property, theft and burglary can have a terrible financial and mental effect to our lives. Many businesses and homeowners invest in security measures such as CCTV often when it is too late. Here at ASAP we understand the importance of being as proactive as possible to protect family, homes and businesses which is why we recommend CCTV is installed by professionals ASAP.

CCTV unlike alarms is a key security measure, not only does it have the purpose of preventing crime by removing anonymity, but it also gathers evidence for insurance purposes and for prosecutors. Many customers believe that a CCTV system installation is too much hassle or costs too much, but from our experience this is nothing to what could be damaged or lost without it.

Why should I choose ASAP to install my CCTV system?

ASAP is a local friendly family run business operating for 40 years. Since 1979 we have been supplying security systems to locations across the region with an unmatched reputation for quality, care, innovation and after service. With experience in installing CCTV within retail premises, schools, universities, private businesses and more our engineers provide the best service and maintenance that will put your mind at ease.

Working closely with Dahua Technologies, we are able to bring you the latest in cutting edge CCTV design and installation at costs that reflect something for everyone. Our service includes a consultation, installation and ongoing maintenance on a 12 month rolling contract which provides our customers with a 24hr emergency facility, free labour for repairs and 1-2 engineer visits per year depending on the type of system installed.

How do I know which CCTV system is best for me?

CCTV systems can be tricky depending on the type of property or business you have. That is why we offer a free no obligation survey where your needs are discussed with us. This is then followed by a system design proposal that we will talk through with you. From this a quotation is then created for the installation and maintenance of the system.

We offer top of the range CCTV equipment including Dahua cameras featuring ANPR, Facial Detection, Pan Tilt and Zoom for a super clear image and top of the line performance. We are able to install systems from a standalone basic residential system to a fully managed and integrated control room featuring 100’s of cameras linked to live monitoring anywhere in the world.

How much does a CCTV system cost?

Because each property and service is bespoke, we can’t offer a fixed price for our CCTV systems. We are however able to supply you with your own quotation after your no obligation survey is completed by one of our top engineers.

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